Famous Letter Logos Designs

Why some trademarks are more popular than others?

Is it because they have used a single letter for their brand marks which makes it easier for people to recognize and remember it?

Well, it may be the simplicity of the design but that is coupled with a smart use of colors, ideas and branding strategy.

Let's have a look why some of the famous letter logos designs that are more popular than the rest:

1. McDonald's:

This is probably one of the most popular emblems of all time. I doubt if there is any kid in America who does not recognize the golden arches.

So what makes it so different from others?

It is the simplicity and consistency of the design along with smart use of colors. The bold and bright yellow color has often been associated with laughter and good times and is known to be attractive and eye catching. But it is also the branding strategy, the huge letter Ms in front of the McDonalds restaurants that can be spotted from a mile away, which makes a special place in our minds for this company.

2. Superman:

This symbol is so popular that it can be the official symbol for justice, courage and strength around the world. The red colored letter S encompassed in a yellow colored diamond shape with blue background is the perfect representation for all the values that this super hero stands for. The letter S was chosen to represent the sun and strength; the diamond for its rock hard and valuable qualities; the red color for energy and yellow for the sun's color. The dark blue background depicts trust and dependability. In a nutshell, it is the wise choice in the color and crafting that make this logo one of the most easily recognizable symbols in the world.

3. Unilever:

No other company has covered its business values in the business mark like this company has. This FMCG Corporation stands by the value to produce only pure and hygienic food products for its customers and their trademark depicts the same. It consists of the letter U that is made up of tiny images of leaves, flowers, birds and trees. Along with that the combination of blue and white colors is used that gives it a classic and sophisticated appeal. Blue is a color that encourages trust and dependability which makes it the perfect color for this corporation.

4. Honda:

How can you design a single letter H to be sleek, sophisticated and timeless?

Learn from Honda!

Their symbol consists of a soft edged silver colored letter that is covered by a curvy edged square. The combination of silver with white is what gives this brand mark a timeless look.

5. Kellogg's - Special K:

Special K is a low fat cereal that claims to give you a health and fitness along with weight loss. For that the perfect letters logo would be one that depicts energy, fun and liveliness and this company has done exactly that. The curvy fonts of the letter K along with the bright red color are attractive, seductive and chic.

Hence, it is not only the use of letter symbol but the distinctness and intelligence with which they are crafted is what makes these symbols more popular than the rest.

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