Awesome Logo Design

Using lines and shapes and your company or business name can create an awesome and unique logo design that everyone will remember.

Nike for example uses a type of swoosh line and when you see this line you know it is Nike. So, why not come up with your own unique lines and shapes to convey your own image. When people see that Nike line they think of fast and then the put it with the Nike name and know that if they wear these shoes they will be fast runners.

Lines can convey feeling and emotional thoughts for your logo design. When using sharp edges they conveys discipline, conventionalism, and sometimes can be perceived as cybernetics. While softer edges will give your company the image of down to earth and casual.

Shapes can also give feeling such as a circle represents never-ending and protection, a square represents dependability, permanence, and honesty, a triangle represents competition, battle and vitality.

You may think that lines and shapes are boring but you would be definitely thinking wrong. Lines can be used in a variety of ways to ensure that your logo design is one that will be strong, get noticed and will be remembered. You can use lines with varying thicknesses, different patterns, dots and dashes, and even show movement.

Try sitting and doodling with your business name and use a variety of lines and shapes. Try encircling your company with circles and form a unique and awesome logo design. Try using dashes and dot to form shapes under or around your company's initials.

Then take your ideas to a professional logo designer. He should be able to aid you in your decision to convey the image that you wish potential customers to feel when they see your logo design.

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